Why Should You Celebrate New Year 2022 in India?

New Year 2022 is soon coming near, and you all must be excited to celebrate it with grand enthusiasm. Some of you may even be thinking of celebrating it in a new country. This year I strongly advise you to do it in India, trust me you won’t regret it, don’t believe me? Then on behalf of my tour agency, India By Car and Driver, I will show you why you should choose India for your next best New Year celebration.

A place where New Year celebrations are worth remembering

Trust me, the above statement is a fact and not an exaggeration. You may have celebrated New Year before, but nothing that you have experienced so far can be compared to New Year in India, and I, on behalf of India By Car and Driver, will prove it now. 

Celebrations in every state

New Year is a grand festival in India, and wherever you go, you will witness a fantastic celebration. Whether you go to Kerala, Goa, Pondicherry, or even the pink city Jaipur, the night of 31st December is always lit up with music, dance, and happiness. Not only that, every place has its unique way of celebrating New Year because of the diverse culture.

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Diverse food

If you are a food lover and a party person, you should celebrate New Year 2022 in India. Due to there being many states, each one with its variety of traditional, signature, and continental dishes.

The food in India is always unique, and which day can be better than New Year to try Indian local food than New Year?  

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Celebrations never like before

India is a country with numerous local and national festivals. Each one is celebrated with unique rituals, colors, and high spirits, so it’s natural for you to experience a festival in any month. However, in India, festivals are more than events.

Here festivals are grand occasions that bring forth new hopes, joy, and a greater sense of togetherness and are celebrated with unexplainable enthusiasm and charisma. The same goes for New Year 2022.

The best country for tours and travels

You are not just going to celebrate New Year in India and return home, are you? Of course not, so take your time and arrive in India a week before the New Year to enjoy a memorable tour through the various states of India and experience the unique art, tradition, food, architecture, and culture of India.

And when you think you have familiarized yourself with India, New Year will come, and you will be proven wrong. In short, there is so much to experience and see here that even a lifetime is not enough.

The New Year 2022 is not far away, and I believe you must be excited to celebrate the grand occasion in India with us. Therefore, I recommend you to try the South Kerala Discovery Tour, Exotic and Classical Rajasthan Tour, and Jewels of Himachal with Amritsar Tour Package for the best New Year vacation in 2022.

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