Things To Do In Rishikesh

If you are an adventure lover, Rishikesh, our city in Uttarakhand, welcomes you to its beautiful mountainous surroundings and landscapes. Rishikesh is famous as the Gateway to the Garhwal Mountains, and it will surely melt your heart. Our mountainous city has a rich cultural past that blends with the modern city to go on various adventures. We at India By Car and Driver will tell you which ones.

Things you must do in Rishikesh

Your holiday to Rishikesh with our Tours and Travels Company India is incomplete without going on these 15 ventures.

Have fun River rafting

The closeness of Rishikesh to the Himalayas, with the Ganga River flowing through it, makes it the perfect destination for river rafting. The sport is also gaining popularity here. So no excuses. Plus, the cold water of Ganga adds to the thrill.

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Shout loud while Bungee Jumping

Rishikesh is home to our most significant bungee jump, which is 84 meters. The activity requires a basic level of fitness, and we would strongly advise pregnant women and people with high BP to engage in this activity. Otherwise, feel free to shout while bungee jumping.

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Enjoy a giant swing

You must have had fun on swings as a child, but you will never get an experience like swinging on Rishikesh’s giant swing. When you get bored of the back and forth movement, jump down in the River below if you dare.

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Don’t forget the flying fox

 Experts conduct the flying fox activity in Rishikesh over the Ganga River and the rapids. You can enjoy this activity under various tour operators such as our company, India By Car and Driver

Camp near the banks of Ganga

Rishikesh’s city is home to a rich cultural history, a vast mountain range, and the Ganga River flowing through it. The city combines the past era and modern times into one place. Take your time to camp near the holy River at night for an unforgettable experience.  

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Trekking is a must

Rishikesh is placed in a picturesque valley surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers, making it perfect for an excellent trek. You can take a trek to Himalaya’s base or other places such as Gangotri, Kedarnath, or Badrinath, which are just as beautiful. We would recommend our Himachal Wonder Tour Package for the best trekking experience.

Jump down a cliff

No, you are not committing suicide. Instead, you are jumping down into the Holy Ganga while wearing a harness from a cliff at 20 or 50 feet. Still, this activity is not for the plump-hearted. So show your inner daredevil to the world under supervision at Rishikesh.

See the Ganga aarti

Ganga is one of our holiest rivers, so Pujaris perform the aarti at Triveni Ghat to show devotion and respect our people’s belief and show respect Ganga maa. 

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Visit the Beatles Ashram

You wouldn’t believe it, but the Beatles have visited Rishikesh more times than you think. Our city had a charm that made the band visit here many times, the famous rockstars have even made many popular songs here. Even though now the place is abandoned, you can still see memoirs and paintings, which represent the group’s meetings with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. You must visit the Beatles Ashram if you are a dedicated fan.

Relax with an ayurvedic massage

You can get tired and spend while exploring the entire Rishikesh. However, we recommend taking a break and getting an ayurvedic massage to feel relaxed and restore your energy. Not only will you feel comfortable, but also your soul will be recharged. The massage also uses herbal scents and oils to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Try Yoga

Our city, Rishikesh, is the yoga center of the world. Many people come here to learn and practice the art. Yoga has been a part of our culture, especially Rishikesh, for decades. You will find many experts here who will willingly teach you Yoga, it’s not only a bodily exercise, but it also cools your mind.  

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Visit Laxmana Jhula

According to mythology, Laxmana, along with Rama and Sita, crossed the Ganga River with the epic rope bridge that he made. Whether it’s coincidence or fate, the Laxmana Jhula is located at the same spot. You will enjoy crossing this bridge in the evenings as the cold breeze covers the surface. 

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Explore our cafes at Rishikesh

Our city in the Uttarakhand state is known for two things, rich history and cafes. The food at these cafes is delicious beyond your expectations. One of the cafes, café Delmar aka Beatles café, was host to the fab four and is often overcrowded. On the other hand, you can try many delicious things at Café De Goa and Café Karma. 

Rajaji National park is calling you

The Rajaji national park, located in Uttarakhand, is famous for being home to many elephants and the elephant safari it conducts. You can see the intelligent animal up-close. The park is also the host of the sambar deer, the barking deer, and different species of birds. Another famous national park in our country, India, is the Ranthambore national park. Our Rajasthan Wildlife and Heritage Tour Package gives you the best experience of Ranthambore national park along with the heritage of Rajasthan.  

Eat a traditional meal 

You must try the conventional Garhwali meal when in Rishikesh, the best place to try it is the oldest restaurant here, which is the Chotiwala restaurant, which commenced in 1958.

So now that you know about the 15 must-try things in Rishikesh, what are you waiting for? Book a custom tour to Rishikesh with us today.  

If you are an adventure lover, Rishikesh, our city in Uttarakhand, welcomes you to its beautiful mountainous surroundings and landscapes. Rishikesh is famous as the Gateway to the Garhwal Mountains, and it will surely melt your heart. Our mountainous city has a rich cultural past that blends with the modern city to go on various adventures.   

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