Discover 7 Hidden Gems of Royal Rajasthan

Rajasthan has a vibe of royalty and majesty. The history of the kings who ruled, and the kingdoms that fought victorious battles, can be seen. The colorful cultures of the state are mesmerizing!

If hearing about Rajasthan travel just makes your head think about the forts in Jaipur or the deserts in Jaisalmer, then this blog is written just for you! The majestic state of Rajasthan has so many hidden gems that haven’t been explored as much as they deserve. Their beauty and magnificence haven’t been given the desired credits yet!

Below is a list of such hidden gems of the royal state of Rajasthan, which you must put in your travel itinerary next time when you plan your trip to Rajasthan.

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01. Osian: A small town in the magnificent city of Jodhpur, Osian, was one of the most famous silk trading centers around the 8th century AD. The tourists visit here for the 16 glorious temples which have been built across the town. These temples are the epitome of skillful craftsmanship and depict the famous royal Rajasthani culture at best! These ancient temples attract a lot of history buffs and architecture enthusiasts who wish to learn about the architectural styles and customs of the classical era.

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02. Pushkar: Situated on the shores of the Pushkar lake, tirth raj Pushkar is a must-visit on your trip to Rajasthan. It is known worldwide for its colorful culture and the iconic temples which are built here. Some of the important temples like Varaha temple, Brahma temple, and Savitri temple have immense mythological importance, and this is what attracts thousands of foreign tourists every year to visit these. The mesmerizing architectural masterpieces, the vibrant handicraft bazaars, the fun-filled fairs and melas, thrilling adventure activities, Pushkar has everything to keep its tourists happy!

It is advisable that you plan your trip at such a time when you can enjoy the grand Pushkar Mela or the blue lotus festival. The dates for these are decided as per the Hindu calendar. These are extravagant cultural events, which will be a special memory in your hearts forever!

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03. Manvar: If you are an enthusiastic adventure traveler who is looking to explore the real grandeur of the Thar desert, then this town located between the cities of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, is the ideal place for you. Away from the crowded cities, you can enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stay in the Manvar desert camp. There are many desert recreational activities which you can enjoy here, like desert safari, camel safari, jeep ride, garden tours, temple walks, etc. These desert camps are located around 100 km from the Jodhpur city, which makes it easy for you to take a day trip to jodhpur as well when you are here. You can visit all the popular tourist attractions in jodhpur without having to stay in the crowded city. The best time to visit here is during October-November when the heat waves are gone, and the winter chills have not yet taken over!

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04. Leopard camp at Jawai: For those adventurous souls who do not want to limit their holiday experience to fancy hotels and temple visits, the Leopard camp at Jawai is a popular spot. The visitors can enjoy incredible birdwatching, leopard spotting, and stargazing experiences here in the middle of the desert. You can enjoy a tranquil holiday with no buzzing vehicle sounds in these desert camps. The tourists can go for trekking activities around the campsite area. Jawai is one of the most popular hidden gems of Rajasthan, which needs to be explored well!

Leopard camp at Jawai

05. Kuchaman: The major tourist attraction of this historical city is the magnificent kuchaman fort located at the height of 1100 ft on a cliffside. The fort has an eye-catching architecture with works of gold, glass, and some precious stones. There is also a sheesh mahal inside the fort, and this would definitely make you awe-inspired!  If you haven’t been able to guess yet, then let us tell you that popular Bollywood movies like Jodha Akbar have been filmed at this kuchaman fort. The fort has Jal mahal to give the queens and princesses a private space without any intrusions. This jal mahal has hidden swimming pools, and some of them are even having temperature controls. If this does not sound fascinating to you, then what would! The sabha Prakash and Meera Mahal are also beautifully designed architectural marvels inside the fort.


06. Nagaur: Another lesser-known gem of Rajasthan is Nagaur, which houses India’s largest saltwater lake- Sambhar lake. The city was mentioned in the Hindu mythological book, the Mahabharata as well. In that book, it was known as the Jangladesh. Since then, the town has been a popular cultural hub known for its rich heritage and traditions. When in Nagaur, you should definitely visit the Nagaur fort, khatu, Ladnun, and jhorda. The rich cultural heritage of this hidden town will keep you entertained for as long as you are there.


07. Bundi: A town with a landscape as beautiful as your dreams, Bundi will capture your heart the moment you set your foot in. Full of blue houses, lakes, massive temples, forts, vibrant markets, Bundi has everything to keep its visitors intrigued. The Sukh Mahal, raniji ki baori, dabai Kund, and jait Sagar lake are some of the most popular tourist attractions of this city. While Jodhpur and Jaisalmer might treat you with a fantastic experience, Bundi has its own silent ways to keep the visitors happy. One can enjoy a peaceful time exploring the rich cultures of the city.

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Rajasthan is a gem with hidden corners full of surprises and vibrance. It would be foolish to spend your Rajasthan stay in the usual hotel. If you are setting your foot inside this princely state, then enjoy it as a unique royal experience. Cherish the incredible landscapes of the desert, the grandeur of the forts, the beauty of the handicrafts, all in the real sense!

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